Our Previous Litters

Castle x Prudence (CH Alpinez Silver Eminence Dear Prudence CGC) 11.28.2016,

2 boys, 2 girls. Go to to see pictures of this beautiful litter!! Puppies from this litter are all in their forever homes.  As of July, 2017 at just 7 months of age all 4 of these puppies have earned points towards their AKC Championship!

Shine x Trick (Land's End Silly Seneca Shenanigans at Trout Creek)     09.29.13

Shine had six beautiful puppies, 5 girls and 1 boy.  These cuties live with their forever families in Illinois (Enzo), Minnesota (Sloane), Virginia (Ludwig), Florida (Ivy), Michigan (Ginger) and Indianapolis (Dandy).  Sloane (CH Seneca's Hoity Toity Sizzle Shine CGC) was the only puppy in this litter shown. She finished her championship owner handled (mostly) in 2017!  While we had hoped others would be shown, our first priority is that each of our puppies find loving, happy homes!

Shine x Gunner (CH Snowy Mtn's Top Gun)   11.04.12 

Shine had three gorgeous, chunky babies with BISS CH Snowy Mountain's Top Gun (Gunner)! Castle (far right), the only boy, is now GCHS Seneca's Knight in Shining Armor CGC HCT and is part of our family here at Domus. Patina (left) is now CH Seneca's All Shined and Lacquered Up. Patina lives with her family, Mike and Whitney Tracy in New York. And, Polish (center) lives with her forever family the Lovejoy's in Washington state. She is lucky to have her Auntie Georgie (Shine's sister) in her family too!

Lyric x Siri  (GCH Nox's Precious Black Seal)  07.16.11

Lyric had one special litter in 2011 -- 2 girls and 2 boys.  Walter, CH Seneca's Hat Trick Upper Ninety Striker Walter lives in Chicago with his family Brandon. Walter has sired 4 litters to date making Lyric a happy grand mother! Sadly, we lost our baby girl Pele to bordatella pneumonia at 15 weeks. Lyric's other two babies live with their forever families in Illinois.