Domus ... Latin for "home".  At Domus our Swissies complete our home and our family. We are committed to raising healthy, active, happy Swissies.


Liz Coit and her two sons, Lee and Dimitri live in the heart of equestrian country in Zionsville, Indiana. Their home is the center of much love and activity, including their cherished Swisses, Shine, Castle and Tink, and their Berger Picard, Pascal.  


Liz has a lifetime of experience befriending, training and loving dogs and horses.  Liz had a 25+ year career as an executive in financial services and higher education. She now serves as Executive Director and Board member of a therapeutic riding center, Morning Dove in Zionsville. After a fulfilling career as a corporate executive, today Liz enjoys running an organization focused on serving the needs of her community through partnerships with horses. 


Liz is an AKC Breeder of Merit reflecting her commitment to quality, healthy, responsible breeding.  She is a member of the Lakeshore GSMD Club and Crooked River Swissy Club, where she serves as an officer and Recording Secretary. She is very involved in the GSMD Club of America, serving as Chair of the Futurity-Maturity committee, Statistician, and co-chaired the 2013 National Specialty at Purina Farms in Missouri, as well as co-chairing the National Specialty Top 20 event in 2013, 2014 and 2017.  Serving the Swissy breed on a larger scale is a priority, as a way to pay it forward for all of the joy our Swissies bring to our family every day.


Domus GSMD is an outgrowth of a solid and impressive foundation of long-time Swissy breeders including Painted Mountain GSMD, Trout Creek GSMD, Snowy Mountain GSMD and Shadetree GSMD. We exist because of the friendship, mentorship and successful breeding program of Seneca GSMD and its owners Janelle and Michael Kaiser. Thank you to all of you for your devotion to quality and Swissies, and your commitment to mentoring and educating those new to world of Swissies!





At Domus, we are committed to breeding and raising healthy, sound, active and happy purebred dogs, with a priority in Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. 


We are committed to maintaining a small "family" of dogs that are the foundation of our program.  A small family gives us the time to work with each of our dogs and enjoy the many activities they were bred to pursue -- conformation, obedience, hiking, herding, draft/carting and just playing and cuddling at home. 


We are committed to improving the GSMD through our breeding program. We only breed dogs with GSMDCA recommended health clearances: eyes, heart, shoulders, elbows and hips. In addition, our dogs have proven themselves in the conformation ring and by participating in performance and working events. We only breed dogs that are healthy, come from healthy pedigrees, and who possess the gentle temperament intended for the GSMD.